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Uttar Pradesh: Rule of law or rule of feudal

Uttar Pradesh: Rule of law or rule of feudal

Shruti Nagvanshi/Shabana Khan 18/6/2008 6:38:52 PM(IST)

Thirteen Mushar tribe families are residing in Chaturpur, Benipur and Lagdharpur village Block Rampur under jurisdiction Newariya in Jaunpur district of Uttar Pradesh are compressed to work as a bonded labour by Mr. Alam Singh son of Gajraj Singh in the neighbor village Kadihad of same jurisdiction.

Mr. Alam Singh is owner of cowshed and field. Alam Singh often comes with gun in Mushars hamlet to search children for work. When Mushars women protest to send their children and husband Alam Singh went inside their house where Mushar women's are sleeping. Alam Singh search children and adult male by taking off clothes from women body When he did not find children he starts beating women and doing vulgar activities which are a heinous work to hit the dignity of the women. Alam Singh forcefully took and brutally beat children to work in cowshed. .

Asha Mushar wife of Bechu Mushar said we are defamed with the day to day brutal behavior of Alam Singh and nobody is ready to marry with our son. Even Alam Singh also beat my son in law and forcefully took him to work and many other people are working in Alam Singh cowshed like Halchal 17 year old son of Lalji from last year is working in Alam Singh cowshed earn only 20 Rupees per day.

On 7th May, 2008 Alam Singh took Atala 8 year's old child of Ramashray Mushar , Somara eight year and Rajesh seven year old child of Bindu Mushar, Subhash son of Sama Mushar took these children to work in cowshed..

On 6th May, 2008 Vikas eight year son of Sama Mushar was taken to work in a cowshed.

Parmila wife of Sama Mushars, Phul Dei wife of Late Bechu Mushar and Bechu Lal son of Basanta and Bindu son of Babau Mushar Murat Mushar son of Ishwar these people state that they are having difficulty in managing need of the family in 20 Rupees. Those people who have card are not getting ration in appropriate weight. Eight family of Mushar are still cardless.

Alam Singh father Gajraj Singh is also much influenced person and earlier he was also accused of dalits torture case.

On 7th May, 2008 Mushars protest in front of commissioner office when he denied to take their demand and direct them to go to police station. Then Mushars send letter to Commissioner and on 13th May, 2008 letter was sent to Chief Minister of Uttar Pradesh, National Human Rights Commission and National Child Commission, National Sc/St Commission.

On 6th June, 2008 Assistant Registar (Law) National Human Right Commission send letter to District Magistrate of Jaunpur and copied to Principal Secretary of Government of Uttar Pradesh and to Dr. Lenin Convener of Uttar Pradesh.

D.M, Jaunpur U.P is directed to depute a competent officer for enquiry at the spot and identification of bonded labour, if any if any bonded labour is founded immediate steps be taken for his release. D.M Jaunpur is also directed to take necessary steps on the other grievances mentioned in the complaint.

An action taken report be submitted to the commission within two weeks positively.

Accordingly, I am forwarding here a copy of the complaint for taking appropriate action in the matter as per the directions of the commission. It is requested that an action taken report be sent to the commission within 2 weeks from the date of receipt of this letter.

After this order Mr. Alam Singh are continuously coming and beating and threating these Mushars people.

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