Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Behaviour of police with Musahars in UP

Behaviour of police with Musahars in UP

Dr. Lenin & Mangala Prasad 18/6/2008 10:23:47 PM(IST)

My name is Pahalu Mushar. I am permanent resident of village Atesua under jurisdiction Cholapur in Varanasi district. In my hamlet two jeep policemen came in the evening. They were asking about my brother Umesh I immediately answered we submit a written statement in Court that we did not have any further relation with him. Umesh never come to visit us.

Police took me in jeep to Cholapur police station from there to Laksharpur and from there to Katharganj and then to Diesel Locomotive Work (D.L.W). He asked for my sister’s house. I with policemen’s went there and my sister husband whose name is Sipahi and he is suffering from night blindness. S.I asked my sister husband to follow him to police station. He urges that he will come to police station in morning. After that they took me to Adalhat police station and I was put in the prison. From Gyanpur, Bhadohi police took Subhas Mushar in custody. Subhash was imprisoned in same cell with me.

Then eight police constables with S.I gathered in police station. One police constable bring screw driver and start repairing old cartridge. I was begging to police constables and S.I for my release, if you want you can beat me 10 lathi or I will give you ten thousand Rupees but please don’t involve me in fake case. I start crying because S.I and police constable starts abusing me. In police station a photograph was taken with all police constables, S.I and cartridge was kept in front of me. I was begging to Police Constables and S.I. how my children and wife will nourished. On next day I was prosecuted and I was punished for one month and seven days. My first day in prison was very painful when I was asked to sweep the floor in front of everyone. I feel shame as I did not do this work earlier in my house.

When I release from prison that time I face problem in meeting with my relatives. When I rummage around for my daughter marriage then they understand me thief. Being an innocent I went to prison that’s why they understand me like that. Now I am facing in arranging my daughter marriage. In prison I have nightmares that my family members are starving and police is abusing and beating my family members.

After returning from prison still I have this problem and I wake with up in the night and saw all people in my family are sleeping.

Police arrest me two times in the night once policemen from five police station came with five jeep and encircle my hamlet that I time I was prosecuted in fake case of ganja. Second time I charged in making cartridge. After taking in many police stations they kept me in prison in another district. I was panic in way as police can do my encounter. I afraid as police are coming when I saw of light of vehicle in my village. I am facing lots of problem as police involved in many fake cases.

Translated Ms. Shabana Khan

Testomony came in to the workshop orgainsed by RCT and PVCHR.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Uttar Pradesh: Musaharnama

Uttar Pradesh: Musaharnama

Dr. Lenin Raghuvanshi/Shruti Nagvanshi 11/6/2008 4:35:05 PM(IST)

Almost 6550 Mushar families are living in sixty six villages of eight blocks in Varanasi district of Uttar Pradesh. Actually after sixty years of independence on one hand India is shining and GDP increase up to 9 %. India is in continuously ahead in producing steel, vehicle and computer. On another still Mushar are marginalized from education, food and housing, road, livelihood and resources.

In the name of housing Mushars only have one hut with the hay roof however in few hamlets only one or two families get benefit of Indira Awas Yojana (IAY). After independence thousand of houses were constructed but it did not reach to Mushars. In this condition Mushars are compelled to live with their family member in summer, winter and rainy season.

In rainy season Mushar’s hut are drown with rain water sink from the roof and they throw these water with the eating utensil. Mushars spend entire night by sitting beside wet mud. This can be a reason of epidemic and finishes life millions people from hamlet to hamlets.

Mushars depend on their traditional source of livelihood like making plates from leaf and selling dried stick. These plates are only used in few marriage and funeral ceremony (Daswa and Terahi). Selling of leaf now shrink upto Pandariba area. Mushars from far place gathered in the evening at Pan Dariba and spends entire night in open sky without bothering about cold, rain and hot to sell leaf to the Pan shop. They receive less than half amount of minimum wages.

Mushars tradition occupation is in danger as today lots of trees are being chopped down. So these marginalized families are compelled to work as bonded labour in brick kiln factory. Mushars starts soaking mud from mid night in lantern till the afternoon and again in the evening they engage in their routine work.

Mushars has to complete target of making 1000 Bricks and in return they get 140 Rupees. Mushars did not get complete wages in last day of the week as owner of the Brick Kiln factory assured Mushars for final calculation of amount in the Holi or Dusshera festival. In between Mushars weekly get 200 to 250 Rupees for their managing two end of the family.

Work of shaping brick starts in the month of October and ends in June. Mushars related with this work strongly struggle with family starvation in the month of July, August and September, as in these three month brick Kiln factory is closed. Mushars took debt from Brick Kiln owner and they work as bonded labour to reimburse money in the month of October. However owner of the factory took benefits as Mushars people are illiterate and do calculate amount their own desire. That’s why Mushars did not get actual wages of making bricks. Almost 90 % of labour are reproves from owner of the factory.

Socially Mushars did not have any social existence, they are considered as slave in caste based feudal society. In any caste when their children covered with mud or women are wearing dirty cloth then caste based people indicates that person as Mushars.

Till today’s Mushars are called for supper in the terahi (a funeral ceremony happened in Hindu religion) to have fame he feed many Mushers. Sometime in the name of food Mushars family member walk long distance and they are being reproves. It is true that girl of Mushars being raped when they return home by selling leaf plate and also returning home by taking residual food.

Few places lands are allot but till now they did not get possession as feared with upper caste and backward caste people as several times they are beaten by them. Mushars believe that they will never get possession of land. Which results few incidences of these types are heard by administration that Mushars sell the allotted land and buyer pay few pennies that is exception. From last few year Mushars did not get possession of land to the Mushars families. This year only 26 Mushars of Anei village gets possession of land.

There are many reasons for low education ratio in Mushars than other lower caste as this is general incidence that Mushars children are beaten and discriminate by the colleagues and teacher of that school and Musahar Children escape from school.

From generation feudal caste based Manuwadi thought is the reason form schedule caste is marginalized from education. When Gulab Mushars of Belwa village went to school and he made mistake in writing teacher split and asked him to lick after this incidence which insist Gulab to rid away from school. Upper caste children beat Gaharu Mushar with stone in the way to school and left the school as he feared to get injured in eyes and head.

Mushars girl assist their mother in making plates from leaves. They saw school from far away that teacher brutally beat students with sticks. These children are feared with the behavior of teacher and they were not ready to go school after their parent’s motivation. Teacher scolds Mushars children that after studying you will not designate as collector. Instead of appreciating children teachers dispirit them. Suresh Mushar 9 nine year old child from Ayer Mushars ghetto was studying in Government Primary school near his village. In the lunch time his teacher hides his bag. Suresh was beaten badly when he asked for his bag to the teacher. She abused by saying Chamar and Mushars children will win the area after being educated. To make this situation as it is impassive administration is continuous engage in putting manure.

From Communist party to BSP is taking personal benefit from Mushars. Never representative raise the agenda of Mushars after looking entire scenario, Mushars are searching for their option. “Awake these communities’ people being a ladder you have to grasp the success because you don’t know to be a leader and you have to learn to change your own condition. Village head to Member of Parliament are taking benefit of this caste. However this caste still stands in the last row in our society.

Day to day Mushars are facing the police torture and they are involved in fake case of robbery happened in any village and they are imprisoned for long time. Sometime Mushars are not released after finishing the duration of punishment. In the police station they are compelled to clean toilet and throw the dirt.

Mushars did not have any permanent employment opportunities and these Mushars working in brick kiln factory are struggling for food. State Government and administrate is not agree to consider after having large Government scheme they wants to save themselves. In the effect Corruption, caste based discrimination they are not getting bread for two times and which result to the death of their children.

Translated by Ms. Shabana Khan and data collection by Ms. Anupam Nagvanshi